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Meet Chris O’Brien

I am here to remind you how powerful you truly are. Life is our greatest teacher and our experiences we have can teach us more than we could ever imagine.


We experience setbacks, failures, errors, mistakes, and challenges only to show us how abundant, creative, limitless and expansive we can become.


To share with you the experiences, knowledge, wisdom and lessons I have learned in my life, I know will help you COME OUT BETTER physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially!

Are you ready to
Come Out Better?

I guide people in creating a residual income by starting an online business from home. The best time is now and I would love to empower you on your journey

Coming Soon -
Crypto 101

The world is changing fast, primarily in the financial sector. Cycles that have been repeating for decades are becoming more obvious than ever. The challenging part? We as a collective are still early/behind depending how you look at it in regards to this TECH GAP that is manifesting right before us with cryptocurrency and more importantly and specifically, asset backed digital currency. Precious Metals, Tokenization, On-Demand-Liquidity, Basel III, ISO 20022, Decentralized Finance (De-FI) is becoming mass adopted and will soon reach billions of people. A good % of our world population does not have a bank account and is left out of world trade. Learning now and early before the wave hits can give you an amazing opportunity to come out wealthier in your financial portfolio and your overall mindset.


Coming Soon -
COB with Language

In the beginning was the WORD! Words matter, they create matter. As a child the first memorable moment for many families is the babies first words. From here we embark on a life long journey of learning hundreds of thousands of words (especially the English language) that then fabricate our reality, consent, approval, control, expression and manifestation together. When you can tap into your own words, like learning how to program your own computer and operating system, a huge shift occurs within and without.

YOU SAID IT, not me.

Coming Soon -
Wake up to WATER

When you wake up to water, you begin to wake up to many other aspects of awareness you have. Water is life. Without water we are not here. Plants are not here, animals, oceans, even the air we breathe. 75% of the planet is water and we are 75% water. Water is a solvent, it can become a solid, gas, plasma and a liquid. Water remembers. Do you? Water holds memory in fact. Our words, thoughts, emotions, and even programs since birth. We were birthed from our mothers waters, into a water planet. Our blood is similar to our oceans. Our veins mimic the rivers and streams. Then man came in and polluted, and bottled our water. When we watch the water we watch our own reflection. We can then observe life, rather than be a victim of it. Water is a teacher, shapeless and formless and so are we.


Coming Soon - Our Bodies are Batteries

We are one big battery, with many other small batteries throughout our systems. We are electromagnetic beings and when our overall cellular voltage gets low and drops, we begin to experience uncomfortable hiccups in our life. Keeping our voltage high, charged, and recycled can help ensure a better over life and experience and your field clear and batteries get charged. 


What you’ll discover working with me!

Each one of us has a unique background, with a specific set of skills, tapped and untapped within our own potential.

Whether it be a physical improvement in health, wellness, overall vitality, or even mental and emotional awareness and performance. We all have the choice to tap into our special gifts to share with the world.

There is power in taking these new skills, tools, and breakthrough moments that YOU have by upgrading your words, language, energy, and overall consciousness, so we can begin to tap into deeper layers of ourselves, which is our greatest gift to humanity.


HOW TO enhance your overall health and wellness. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!

Quantum Consciousness

HOW TO enhance your language, perception, overall awareness and Quantum lens within and out!


HOW TO expand your Financial Literacy via mindset changes, historical cycles and whats to come!


COB with Sammi Barks

On this episode of Conversations with Sammi, Chris talks about his passion for living a life of truth, sovereignty and alignment. He shares his journey of physical and spiritual awakening that began with drinking Kangen water.

We talk about the importance of hydration, the power of our words, brain health, cellular health, nutrients, energy, manifestation of our awakening and so much more!

Anand Podcast

In this episode we dive into Chris’s background and what does living a limitless life mean.Chris shares the word “have” VS “want and his take on the zoom in , zoom out concept. We discuss what is going on in the physical world and the help we are receiving from the spiritual world. Chris opens up about his experience with his father and what does spiritually mean to him. 

Mimi The Medicin

In this Podcast episode we talk about how to shed toxic parts of your life and to wake up to the wisdom inside you. Balancing your masculine and feminine, and how to stop judging yourself and stop judging others. Learning to integrate after self development and transformation. Finally we go over the four stages of learning and the incredible power and intelligence of water.

The Graffcast

In this Pod episode Graff and Chris talk quantum conversation by breaking down all things language, words, energy and perspective shifts.

Everything with Ali Levine

In this podcast episode, Chris talks about his personal journey and what led to his awakening. Along with the power of Water and our Right and Left Brains. We discuss how the eyes look, the mind sees and the heart leads. Chris expands our views on perspective vs programming and much more.

HBB Podcast with Ryan Bell

Chris shares how his first pursuit in life was professional basketball. Ryan and Chris discuss his journey through the corporate world into becoming an entrepreneur.

Chris shares how he came down with an illness in Mexico which helped him revolutionize his entire life. Hear how Chris built his personal brand Come Out Better (COB).

Lucas Mack

Learn about out of body experiences, spiritual awakenings and what is a red pill? This podcast episode is jam packed with information to help you wake up and come out better. Listen to a candid conversation COB had with Lucas Mack.

Ascension Dimension

In this podcast episode, we dive deep into the power of WATER. How it has been abused and neglected for centuries. The similarities we have with water in nature. How not all water is the same and how the properties of water vary and how we can use water 50+ different ways to HYDRATE our entire life!

Multi Dimensional Girl Ting

In this podcast episode, we talk Cryptocurrency! What is XRP?

How does the future of finance look and how will it impact our lives. The best is yet to come? What is HODL and why XRP? QFS, ISO 20022, much more.

The Conscious Wealth Podcast with Jeremy Griffin

Together J-Griff & Chris O’Brien Also Dive Into Life Changing Topics on: Entrepreneurship & The Importance of Residual Income, and the POWER of your Words & Using Conscious Language & Who TRULY Runs the World. 

The New Age Human Show with Jon Astacio

In this episode we talk with a successful serial entrepreneur, Chris O’Brien, the founder of Come Out Better.

Chris shares his redpill story and how that translated into the Come Out Better movement. We dive into several subjects from self awareness and human potential to the healing power of nature.

Three Phase Podcast

In this episode, Chris and Joe dive into water. Chris talks about his dedication to helping others commit to themselves by reminding them how powerful they truly are as a divine creator God intended us always to be. He dives deep into the things that seem right under our noses that profoundly impact our health.

The Oshun Collective Podcast

In this Podcast episode, Chris shares the many layers of how he has transformed his life to Come out Better. Chris talks about going down the rabbit hole, spiritual awakening, the healing benefits of water, and building community.


The Wealth Within Us Podcast

In this episode, Chris talks about how the water you’re drinking may not be as pure as you think, even if it is bottled or filtered. Chemicals, toxins, metals, and other toxins are finding their way into your water undetected. Chris shares his fountain of knowledge about all things water. Learn how to rid your water of these nasty chemicals and how simply loving the water you are drinking can hydrate and nourish your body and much more.

Mer Drops Podcast

In this episode, Mergoddess dives in with Chris on how each of us can start taking control of our lives and Come Out Better. It is the steps we take in every moment that leads us to the next. What thoughts are you saying to yourself? Becoming aware of our past, allow us to quantum jump into our future. Enjoy the deep dives of language, our brains, and so much more.

Real Seven Show Podcast

In this episode, Chris joins Real Seven to discuss his journey as an entrepreneur and how he built his six figure business. They dive deep into life coaching and how he helps others build their own business and Come Out Better!

Connect with COB


Supporting you in setting and achieving goals, overcoming unconscious thought patterns, and unlocking your inner strengths.

  • Weekly check-ins/accountability and more.
  • Monthly Assignments
  • Business support to attract aligned clients (if applicable)
  • Social Media Mastery step-by-step setup and implementation support (if applicable)
  • Profound life-changing distinctions, practices, and daily rituals to enhance life.


Helping you create a successful and profitable health-based business that aligns with your values and passions from the comfort of your home! 

  •  Access the best hydrogen/electron-rich water available for your health, wellness, and longevity!
  • Learn proven business strategies from 6 & 7-figure earners that will take your business to the next level.
  • Have access to LIVE weekly training, community chats, in-person events, a library of business resources created by top earners in the community, and so much more.
  • Connection with a community of like-minded hydrated entrepreneurs whose mission is to serve the world and Come Out Better everyday. 

Welcome to your journey to Come Out Better

Let’s welcome all the challenges and victories in your life. Through a series of exploratory questions, perspective shifts, confirmations and your own “ah ha” moments we can pin point where and how we can Come Out Better, together. Whether you’d like 1×1 support to provide you with tools and techniques to help you gain clarity, increase self-awareness, and make positive changes in your life or start your own direct sales business and learn marketing and sales from 6 figure earners.

The time is now, answer the call!



"You will be hard pressed to find someone as dedicated to helping others Come Out Better than Chris. Having grown with him for almost 3 years now, I have seen him invest more and more into his services to others. Chris was always available for a phone call, support session, or some fatherly advice when needed. Through working with Chris I was able to create a new income stream which consistently brought in $2-3k monthly with my best month being $5k, all passive. The gems are found more in what he brings out in you, rather than simply what type of money you make. I am grateful for the years connecting and growing with Chris and highly recommend anyone seeking mentorship, coaching, or business building to make the decision to connect with Come Out Better today."


Biggest Month: $5000

“Working with you has been one of the greatest pleasures of my life. I have never worked with someone who was able to see in me what I hadn’t yet tapped into and also give me tools to empower me to discover it for myself at my pace. Being a true leader and guiding me instead of doing everything for me. I believe my success has greatly come from having you on my side. Thank you for challenging me, giving me space when needed, and trusting that I can do it! And it’s only the beginning!”


Biggest Month: $2,400

"Chris is a phenomenal coach, mentor & friend. It’s been so fun to build a friendship with him, alongside building a business together. He’s so easy to get along with, so caring & is there to watch you create the life of your dreams. When starting a business & looking for a mentor, it’s so important to have someone cheering you on & Chris is that guy!"


Biggest Month: $15,000

“I have worked alongside Chris for 3 years now and his wisdom, guidance, and caring heart has helped me grow my business with ease and confidence. Chris’s success is a reflection of his strong recognition of conscious language, mindset, duplication and attraction marketing. Chris is always willing to provide a new perspective that encourages me to think outside the box. He tailors his coaching to meet me where I am, listening with great care then providing personalized guidance and accountability to help me move closer to my goals. His positive mindset, coaching skills and surmountable success in the entrepreneur field is continually inspiring me to sharpen my skills and Come Out Better!”


Biggest Month: $33,000

"I’ve been working with Chris for over 2 years now and I am so extremely grateful for his mentorship. His genuine intentions and direct guidance have helped me grow my business and develop myself in ways that I wouldn’t be able to on my own. I started my business while full time in grad school and Chris has always been there to help me, even when I was extremely busy. His value, knowledge and insights always inspire me to be a better leader, educator and human. Thank you Chris!!"


Biggest Month: $33,000

"Working with COB I’ve had a $5k month. That would take me about 3-5 months to make working old jobs. The greatest reward has been the reminder of my true worth. Also the time freedom I’ve regained, where I do as I please on a day to day basis. 

That itself is worth more than gold. Having a brother like Chris at your side reminds us of how we’re created to enjoy this thing we call life. The best part is, $5k is just the starting point. I know I’m set for future $10k, $20k and yes even $100k in the years to come! Let’s COME OUT BETTER



Biggest Month: $5,000

"When we choose accountability for our actions, when we make the conscious choices day in and day out, our own embodiment will help and heal others and those around us near and far!"
When in Doubt ZOOM OUT
"At times we can be so fixated on the things in life that may not be as big a problem as it seems. Our mind can get the best of us at times, and in these moments is when each of us can slow down, breathe and Zoom Out for a moment to see the bigger picture that is unfolding."
"As more and more people CHOOSE to leave the "system" the more the system will collapse on itself. Yes, the physical system, as well as the mental, emotional, and spiritual matrix systems. This is what we are witnessing, experiencing and feeling right now. I am here for it. Are you?"
"One of the most underrated health secrets around? Community. Attracting and connecting with like minded people who share similar views, perspectives, and beliefs and are open to hearing others as well! Our superficial relationships are being exposed. Tap back into the heart!"